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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Welcome Back to New Tech High!

New Tech High Family,

We are so excited to welcome you to the 2015-2016 school year.  This week has been an amazing start and we are excited about the buzz around New Tech High.  Students participated in a 3-day Design Thinking Challenge to kick-off the year.  Students were asked to examine a problem, create empathy, brainstorm, and develop a prototype to solve their problem.  You can read more at my blog post here:
Students presenting their prototype to entire student body.

Along with getting back into the swing of things, we have a few exciting events or activities to mark on your calendar:
  • School picture day is Monday, August 24th
  • Senior portraits are Saturday, August 29th
  • Back-to-School Night is Monday, August 31st at 6:00 pm.
We are so blessed to have you all as a part of our New Tech family and cannot wait to see what amazing things your students do this year.  Our focus this year is on building a culture of excellence and ensuring ALL students are ready for whatever comes next - whether it be college or career.  I look forward to seeing you all on August 31st at Back-to-School Night.


Riley Johnson, Principal

Highlights from Design Thinking Challenge

Check out this video highlighting the first two days of our school-wide design thinking challenge:

New School-wide Learning Outcomes

We are launching a set of new school-wide learning outcomes (SWLO) this year!  SWLO's are the content and skills that your students are assessed on in projects.  Our facilitators focus on developing and scaffolding these skills to cultivate student learning at a deeper level.  The new SWLO's are:
  • Knowledge & Thinking (NEW: content knowledge and ability to think deeply)
  • Oral Communication
  • Written Communication
  • Agency (NEW: developing a growth mindset and owning one's learning)
  • Collaboration

Napa New Tech Wine Auction

Welcome back to the 2015-16 school year from the Napa New Tech Wine Auction team!  
The online wine auction will take place the first week of November 2015 and we need your help!

Please visit the website at and even better yet, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.
Ramping up our followers = more $ for Napa New Tech’s students and amazing programs. More to follow in weeks to come!

CSF Membership Drive

We are beginning our SDF Membership Drive bellow is a link to the flyer.
CFE Membership Drive

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Message from the Principal

Dear Parents,

This will be our final message for the 2014-15 school year, and what an amazing year it has been. Thank you for continuing to be a part of New Tech, and for all of the contributions of time and resources that you've made to our school. New Tech is great because of the investment made by parents, local businesses, the community, the staff and of course our students.  It has been an honor to be a part of this phenomenal school, and we're looking forward to the next school year! 

To keep you informed, here are the last of the reminders.

Monday, June 1
  -- Tech Lends a Hand -- New Tech students will be giving back to the community
  -- Seniors -- Graduation Practice at Memorial Stadium at 3:30 pm.  All students must attend
Tuesday, June 2
  -- Tech Lends a Hand Debrief
  -- School Activities
Wednesday, June 3
  -- Last Day of School -- Minimum Day
  -- Senior Breakfast at St. John's for 9:00 - 10:30.  Senior Parents are invited to join us.
  -- Graduation at Memorial Stadium begins at 7:00 pm
  -- Seniors must arrive by 6:30 pm.

As you are well aware, there will be a new leadership team at New Tech next year, with Principal Riley Johnson at the helm.  It has been a pleasure for me to be part of this wonderful school and the community that supports it, in so many ways.  In some capacity, I will continue to be a part of the supporting community.

Have a wonderful summer and be ready to return to school on Monday, August 17th with that Penguin Pride!

As always .....It's a great day to be a Penguin.



New Tech High Community Survey

Hello New Tech High families and stakeholders.  In reflection on our year, please take a moment to complete the New Tech High Community Survey.  The results from this survey will help us continue to grow to meet the needs of all stakeholders involved with our school community.  Your participation is voluntary and we appreciate all the things you do to make our school an amazing place!

Family Giving Donor Thanks

The coordinators of the Family/Community/Alumni Giving Program wish to thank the following donors for their support

Peter Abboud
Jackline Joy Lasola
Salvador/Marina Arroyo Almanza
Lisa Dunn
Yolanda Alvarez
Miguel/Rosalia Lopez
Alexsander/Zamira Astafyev/Yernajarova
Richard/Julie Lovie
Jose Baeza
Sterling Macdonell
Roy/Sue Barush
John/Betty Mahaffey
Ellen Beller
Angel/Sandra Maldonado
Amy Berilla
Mandy Masciarelli
James/Terra Borges
Linda McIntyre
Kris Bosworth
Roger & Claudia McMullen
Richard/Susan Bouwer
Suzanne/Richard Meigs
Tania Briseno
Eric/Annie Mercier
Andrew Budnyj
Winery Midoriya
Sonja Burch
Stefano Migotto
Donald Callison/Andr'e Gardiner
Guilliette Miller
Tammy Carson
Peter Mlyner
Carollee Cattolica
Robert/Wendi Moore
Robin Cherwin
Ana Morgan
Theresa Comstock
Clay & Elizabeth Morrison
Mindi Cooper
Garret/Kim Murphy
Maribel Corona
John/Julie Murphy
Lisa/David Cort/Goldman
Laura Navarro
Eric/Michele Dahlberg
Julie Neely
Francis & Eileen Davin
Anthony/Stephanie Nichol
Carolyn DeFur
Ulberto/Analilia Paniagua
Joe DeFur
Brian/Lisa Patton
Suzanne DeWit
Chad Pavone
Martin/Lisa Disalvo
Oralid Perez
George/Rian Dom
Dale Plowman
Larry/Leslie Dougherty/Silver
Mark/Elizabeth Potter
Geoffrey/Cherie Dubois
Sarah Pritchard
Lisa Dunn
Teresa & Rosario Rafael
Anita Erhard
Luis/Ana Rangel
Irene Escoto
Pamela Reeves
Noeleen Farrell
Oscar Renteria
Beth Fitzgerald
Timothy Reynolds/Vanessa Waddy
Rocelia Gamboa
Debby Rhoads
Francisco/Martha Garcia
Kevin Roberts
Darleen Gardner
Michael/Wendy Rupprecht
Laura Gazi
Gabriel Sanchez
Vanessa Genovese
Barry/Tracy Schuler
Darlene Geraldson
Brett/Tracy Self/Reeves
Jorge/Diana Gonzalez
Cook Shaina
Louis/Lisa Gottfried
Adam/Erin Simms
Eduardo Guitierrez
Mandeep Singh
Frank & Sue Gullum
Samantha & Michael Smith
Frank & Linda Gullum
Stephenson Stephani
Michael/Christina Gyetvan
James/Cara Stonecipher
Carol Hall
Martin/Miriam Suarez/Ladrigon
Martin Hall
Andrew/Jeanne Szmidt
Mona Lea/Steven Harrington
Brian Tourville
Jennifer/Hansi Jokoby/Marilyn Harris
Lawrence & Frances Turner
Cherri Harris
Pamela Tuthill
Troy Harwood
Eric/Summer Uhrenholt/Mondeau
Sonia Hernandez
Gloria Vega
Frank & MaryEllen Herringer
David/Maria Velasco
Tracy Hesse
Gwendolyn von Klan
Bettiet Heyes
Amy Walcker
Donald Huddleston
Mark/Lesley Walder
Jim Hussman
Sarah & Wesley Ware
Morgan Imrie
Angeline Warnock
Anna Jarschke
Vince/Julie Waters
Surinderjit Jawanda
Vernon Weed
Courtenay/James Jory
Christopher Wendel
James Karen
Beth Wert
David/Elaine Kearney
Denise Wilbanks
Thomas Kensok
Henry/Kim Williams
Kelly Kisabeth
Midoriya Winery
Dean LaBerge
Paradigm Winery

Lisa Wright
Kimberly Yates/Scott Olson

New Tech Lends at Hand at the Library

On Monday June 1st some of our New Tech students will be at the Napa Main Library holding Technology workshops for all ages! Click here for more info.

Cold War-Faire: May 29 - June 3

Come and visit the World Studies Cold War-Faire! The exhibit will feature displays of countries around the world, revealing how those countries maneuvered their way through the years following World War II, particularly with regard to the Cold War between the US and Soviet Union. Opening Day takes place Friday, May 29 (beginning @ noon), with exhibits to remain in place through June 3 @ noon. See how the Class of 2017 is wrapping up its journey through modern world history & literature.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Message from the Principal

Hello Everyone,

A special thank you to the Penguin Parent Club for an extraordinary La Strada.  The team spent uncountable hours planning for the successful event.  The art, food, dancers, and other activities made for a happily, busy day.

As you are probably aware ….New Tech has a new principal for next year.  Mr. Riley Johnson.  Although I will miss New Tech ……Mr. Johnson with handily see our wonderful school into a prosperous future.

More good news!  Monday, May 4th, we were officially notified that New Tech received the Gold Ribbon Award.  Only 180 high schools and three in Napa County were recipients.  This award is a result of all of the hard work that has been done by the New Tech community for the past years.  Congratulations New Tech!

Here is a list of our busy May schedule of events.  Mark your calendars.

May 9th                       7:00pm, Prom, Chardonnay Golf Club
May 15th-17th                        Senior Trip, Disneyland
May 15th                     Alternative Senior Trip, San Francisco
May 16th                     Last Super Saturday
May 16th-17th                        Ultimate Frisbee, Santa Cruz
May 20th                     6:00 pm Scholarship Ceremony
May 22nd                    9:00 am, Spring Awards Ceremony
May 23rd                     Senior’s at Discovery Kingdom
June 1st                       Tech Lends a Hand
June 1st                       3:30 pm, Mandatory Graduation Practice
June 3rd                      9:00 am, Senior Breakfast
June 3rd                      Minimum Day, 12:02 release
June 3rd                      7:00 pm Graduation at Memorial Stadium

Whew!  I think that about does it!  Thank you for being a part of our team!

Upcoming Senior Dates

May is a very exciting time here at New Tech High!  Below you can find a list of very important dates that affect both Seniors and all students.  As we wind down the year, we can't wait to see every single one of our Seniors walk the stage!

Thank You for Making La Strada dell' Arte a BIG Success!

Thank you to all the parents, teachers and students who tirelessly dedicated their energy to making La Strada dell' Arte a wonderful event for the entire Napa Valley community. Every contribution of time and materials are very much appreciated. And thank you for all those loaned items that came in handy. New Tech families are the BEST!


Estimados Padres de Familia,
Les hacemos llegar nuestro agradecimiento por haber contado con su participación en el evento (La Strada dell Arte). Gracias a ustedes el evento fue un éxito.

Muchas Gracias!

Gloria Mendoza & Eliseo Galvan
Severiano & Olga Aldama
Sandra Maldonado
Patty (Claudia) Gonzalez
Gabriel Bravo & Marilu Martinez
Jose & Karina Escoto
Carmela Cervantes
Carmen Juarez
Daniel Mendoza & Lourdes Olivera
Rosa Hernandez
Maria Elena Lopez
Hugo Ortiz & Rosalba Felix
Leonardo Pacas & Eloisa Castaneda
Jose & Martha Pizano
Teresa Rafael
Maria/Leonardo Ramirez
Perla/Cesar Rodriguez
Guillermina Palmas
Luisa Calixto
Luis/Deyanira Falcon
David/Maria Velasco
Carina Rangel
Irene Castillo& Vicente Cendejas
Eva Valenzuela
Alejandra & Jorge Soria
Juan & Teresa Alcantar
Maria Garcia
Francisco Correa & Sonia Saenz
Lucy Arteaga & Sergio Artega
Amelia Baeza & Jose
Liliana Montano & Manuel Flores
Susana Arevalo
Irene Scoto & Jesus Lona
Rosy Juarez 
Yolanda Alvarez
Ana Guzman
Manuela & Leodegario Solorio
Rafael & Araceli Cazares
Francisco/Martha Garcia
Monica Garcia & Billi Escobar
Alberto & Marina Gamez
Rosario & Marcos Arevalo
Catalina Dillon
Juan and Maria del Carmen Estrada
Felis Guzman and Soraida Rendon
Alonso Isabeles and Norma Chavez
Martha Vega
Bernardo and Nereida Raya
Jose and Oralia Perez
Nabor & Raquel Camarena
Lorena Gomez
Alberto & Dolores Lopez
Miguel & Rosalba Lopez
Fabiola Acosta & Juan Ruiz
Christina Rodriguez
Marina Almanza