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Academic Specialist: Peter Abboud -
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Parent Club Leaders:
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Sherill Goyot, Secretary:
Peter Mylnar, Treasurer:
Robert Vega, Latino Community Representative:
Marylene Gray, Latino Community Representative:
Lady Bruce Jamison, Volunteer Coordinator:

Friday, September 12, 2014

Magnum Cum Laude Wine Auction Needs Volunteers

Attention all parents, the Friends of New Tech are looking for volunteers to help in a variety of ways with the Magnum Cum Laude Napa Wine Auction.  The online wine auction is just under two months away, and there is many ways you can get involved and support this great effort.  Please check the flyer below for more information or contact Michele, at or 707-261-0961.  Thank you and we can't wait for this year's auction to be a big success!

Riley Johnson, Assistant Principal

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The California Seal of Biliteracy.

The criteria for this year has been changed and no longer includes CST scores.  Please review these changes.This program is open to all graduating seniors who meet both the state’s and the district’s established criteria to receive this award.   

All required criteria must be met.  Applications must be received in the Office of English Language Learner Services no later than February 12, 2015. District Website Link for Seal of Biliteracy:

College Visits

Dear students,
Please take advantage of the upcoming events. You have received an "email invitation" to these events through Naviance in "Family Connection." 
Please make sure to be logging on to Naviance regularly!  In the meantime, please add these events to your calendar!
These college representatives will be sitting at the "Cyber Cafe" during your lunch time. Please take advantage of their presence to learn about their university and to ask about "college admissions requirements."

College                  Representative                Date               Time     
University Of            Joshua Stevens        Mon September   11:30 AM
Colorado                                                        8, 2014  

University of Jose Magno             Tue September 12:30 PM
Hawaii at Manoa   Admissions Counselor     9, 2014

The University           Kyle Turner            Thu September    12:30 PM
of The Pacific                                                11, 2014

Dominican Joshua McCay Fri September     12:49 PM
University of                                                 12, 2014

Concordia                       Mai Vu               Fri September    12:49 PM
University Irvine                                           12, 2014

Linfield College         Joseph Marlitt         Mon September  12:30 PM
                                Admission Counselor    15, 2014

CALIFORNIA           Wesley Fanelli        Tue September 12:49 PM
COLLEGE OF                                                16, 2014

The Evergreen        Chira Songtantarak      Wed October     12:30 PM
State College          Admissions Counselor    15, 2014

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Message From The Principal

Hello Everyone,

Please mark your calendars for  Back to School Night, which is Monday, September 8th from 6:30 - 8:30 pm. The Welcome BBQ has been rescheduled for Monday, from 5:30 - 6:30. It will be hosted by the Penguin Parent Club, so bring your picnic blankets and appetite to New Tech High a little earlier than planned. Childcare will also be provided at no cost during Back to School Night.

You will follow your son's/daughter's schedule of classes. The time you spend in each class will be 8 minutes, so there will be no time for individual conversations with the teachers. Should you desire a meeting with a teacher, please email them for an appointment.

See you Monday; I look forward to meeting you.

Kathy Summers
Interim Principal

Weekly Donation Request

New Tech High is requesting reams of paper for printers. Plain white 8 1/2x11 sheets. For every two reams of paper parents receive one hour of parent hours. Please bring any donations to the office. We appreciate any and all donations that you all provide.

PPC Update

Picture Day has been rescheduled for Monday, SEPTEMBER 8

Hi New Tech Parents!
The new Penguin Parent Club Board is looking forward to a fun year supporting our amazing kids and the things they do at New Tech! We have a couple of really important jobs to fill, so if you can help us in any way, please come to our First PPC meeting on Thursday, September 18 at  6:30PM in the Cyber Cafe. We will be talking about how the PPC supports our teachers and students through service and fundraising.  Speaking of fundraising:

The Golf Tournament needs a Coordinator!  We had an awesome coordinator for the Golf Tournament, but she was elected PPC President (ahem) last spring, so now we need someone who can take over from yours truly. If you are interested in coordinating or helping with the Fall Folly or Winter Wing-Ding (our New Tech Golf Tournament) including the celebration dinner and the fundraising auction, please contact me, Susan Bouwer, or call 707-666-3606.

La Strada dell' Arte needs Coordinators!  La Strada is our biggest Fundraiser and community outreach event of the year!  We need a team of bright, motivated go getters to plan and organize.
There are committees for every interest:  Artists, Booth, Raffles, Auction, Food, Venue, Volunteer organization.  Join the team and make this event fun for everyone!  Please contact me, Susan Bouwer, or call 707-666-3606 if you are interested in coordinating or helping out.

Proceeds from PPC fundraisers enrich teachers, students and our school:
$5000 towards chemistry, lab equipment and art supplies
$5900 towards field trips and off site activities
$6700 towards campus improvement; facilitating school business and student success programs
We provide each faculty member with classroom funds

Please help us make these events successful for next year's teachers and students by volunteering. Email the Parent Penguin Club if you are interested – or call Penguin Parent Club President Susan Bouwer at 707-666-3606.

Monday, September 8th:  Back To School Night.  Please join us from 5:30 - 6:30 for a Hotdog BBQ, hosted by the Penguin Parent Club. Bring a blanket and picnic on the grass!  We are looking for 2 gas grills for the Hot Dogs and 2 grill masters to make the dinner delicious!  If you are able to bring a BBQ and/or help cook please contact me, Susan Bouwer, or call 707-666-3606.

If you’re still reading this,  Thank you so very much,
Susan Bouwer
PPC President

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Back to School Earthquake Update

Hello Everyone,

It is with great pleasure that we invite New Tech High students to return to school tomorrowAugust 27th. Our school site has been inspected by architects and structural engineers and found to be safe for our students and staff.  We have some minor repairs, which will be addressed throughout the next few months.  Our schedule for the remaining week will be as follows:
     Wednesday -- Regular Wednesday schedule with periods EF, 1, 3, 5, and 7
      Thursday – Regular Thursday schedule with periods EF, 2, 4, 6, and Advisory
     Friday – Regular Monday schedule with periods EF, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
     Next week we will resume our normal daily schedule. 
     Picture Day, scheduled for Thursday will be rescheduled, with a date TBD.

As you are aware, our Parent Connection Night was postponed.  We will notify you when it has been rescheduled and look forward to seeing you there.

Kathy Summers
Interim Principal

School Back in Session on Wednesday, August 8/27

Dear New Tech Families,

Thank you for your patience as we inspected to ensure that our school is safe. We are pleased to announce that school will be back in session beginning on Wednesday, August 27th. We look forward to our students returning to school and hope that you are all well. See you tomorrow!

Monday, August 25, 2014

No School on Tuesday, August 26th

Dear New Tech Families,

Due to the earthquake, there will be no school on Tuesday, August 26th. We will keep you posted regarding Wednesday.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Updates After Earthquake

Dear New Tech Families,

Our thoughts are with our friends and neighbors who have been affected by today’s earthquake. Our community is responding together and we are working with the City and County to ensure a coordinated response.

Our first priority is the safety of our students and staff.

Our facilities teams immediately began to evaluate the status of our buildings this morning. Professional engineering staff are still working on that evaluation. We will allow students to return to classrooms only when we can verify that the classrooms are safe. 

With that goal in mind, we will NOT have school for students on Monday at any Napa Valley Unified School District schools. We will make a determination about Tuesday’s school day on Monday, and will announce that at 1 p.m. on Monday. 

Parent Connection Night, originally scheduled for the evening of Monday, August 25th has also been canceled. Please be on the look out for updates from us via Robo-calls, the website, Facebook, and Twitter. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Message from the Principal

Dear New Tech Parents,

The 2014-15 school year is off to an exciting start.  I want to thank the parents and students who have stopped by to welcome me to the New Tech High Family.  Our first day of school was picture perfect.  Students and staff participated in activities that reunited returning students, welcomed new students, involved all in team building and got all of us fired up the the new school year. We ask all New Tech parents to contribute 15 hours of service to our school.  For more information about the opportunities to get involved and volunteer, Parent Connection Night is the place to start.

I look forward to meeting more of you at the two events listed below.

Monday, August 25th:  Parent Connection Night.  Please join us from 5:30 - 6:30 for a Hotdog BBQ, hosted by the Penguin Parent Club.  Bring a blanket and picnic on the grass. Learn all the ways you can meet your 15 volunteer hours, that so richly enhance our school.  If you have some favorites, you will be able to sign-up on the spot!  This will be followed by the first Penguin Parent Club meeting and a short training on how to use Echo. Childcare will be available.  If you are unable to make it for the BBQ, the Parent meeting will begin at 6:30 pm.

Monday, September 8th:  Back to School Night.  There will be an optional Echo Training session from 6:00 - 6:30 pm.  You are encouraged to bring your own computing device if you have one.  Back to School Night will officially begin at 6:30 pm in the Cyber Cafe.  You will meet all of your child’s teachers and learn information for this year.  

Communication with you is very important to us.  Stay connected in the following ways --
The New Tech Parent Bulletin is published twice a month.  We use a “Robo-Caller” that sends a phone call and an email to you, letting you know that it has been newly published.  If you don’t receive these calls or emails, please contact Mrs. Cherrington, our Registrar/Attendance clerk and update your contact information.

Follow us on Twitter.  Twitter is informal and fun, and notifications go straight to your cell phone.  For anyone without internet or email, Twitter is a great substitute.  Twitter is published every time the Parent Bulletin is published.

Follow the school @New Tech High
“Like us on Facebook to get current information about our school and our students.

We have Dell Netbooks available for students who need them.  Your students can sign up for a netbook in the office.  Once the student and parent have signed the contract, we will begin the process of setting up a netbook as a loaner for the entire school year.

I am looking forward to seeing you at Parent Connect and Back to School Nights.


Kathy Summers
Interim Principal

California Scholarship Federation Membership Drive

CSF will be holding a membership drive for New Tech students from August 25 – September 5.  Membership is based on last semester's report card.  Students in grades 10-12 qualify for membership in CSF by earning a prescribed number of points each semester.  Membership applications will be available in the office.  Students will then calculate their points and submit a copy of last semester's report card. 

CSF recognizes academic excellence and is the oldest honor organization in the state.  They currently have chapters in over 1600 high schools and middle schools.  Students who qualify for Life Membership (Sealbearer) are recognized at graduation with a gold seal on their diploma, the life member pin, and a notation on the transcript that is sent to colleges and universities.  It is an additional honor to be added to the academic resume. 

This is a great opportunity to honor our top students for their outstanding academic performance, so   be sure to have your student pick up a CSF Membership Application in the office between August 25 and September 5, to find out if they qualify.   ABSOLUTELY no applications will be accepted after September 5.

Access Options

Wondering what options your student has during Access on Thursdays? Click here to see a list of what's available. The link to this document can also be found under "Important Links" on the left side of the parent bulletin. 

New Tech Social Media

"Want to stay connected with New Tech High School?  We have a wide variety of social media outlets in which we share valuable infomation, display school culture, and highlight examples of student learning.  In addition to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, we will be using Remind this year!  This a great platform to get important messages sent directly to you phone without having to share your number."

Ride Sharing

Is anyone interested in Ride Sharing? Since we are not in any particular district, I imagine there are plenty who wish they had someone nearby, sometimes or all of the time, to hitch a ride with.

Please let us know if you are willing to drive or need a ride. We are a progressive school. Let's carpool!
Possible pick up-drop off locations:

North Vallergas
Nob Hill

Please let us know. This will only work if you help us!
Stephani Stephenson

CAHSEE Testing Information

Dear New Tech Families,

Please see the information linked below about the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE). High school students in California are required to pass this test in order to receive a high school diploma. 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Principal's Message

Dear New Technology High School Families,
It has been my pleasure to work with your students these past three years. I can honestly say that I was blessed to have experienced my dream job at New Technology High School. I have been offered a position with San Rafael City Schools as their Director of Teaching and Learning 9-12, and have decided to accept the challenge. My last day at New Tech will be Wednesday, July 30th. You are invited to a meeting on Monday, August 4th with Dr. Patrick Sweeney, the NVUSD Superintendent, and his team to discuss the transition timeline and process for finding a new Principal, and to get your questions answered. The meeting will take place at New Tech at 6:00 pm.
Thank you for having been a part of my life. Your students have been an inspiration that I will never forget. Feel free to stay connected through my professional Twitter account @RustyClover.
Warmest Regards,

Michelle Spencer

NVC Classes & Important Dates

Incoming Juniors and Seniors should seriously consider signing up for a Napa Valley College class for the Fall. The first day of high school walk-in enrollment at NVC is July 29th. Juniors and Seniors are strongly urged to go to the college and register for classes on the first day of registration! YOU MUST FILL OUT YOUR NVC HIGH SCHOOL CONCURRENT ENROLLMENT FORM FIRST.  Drop off your college forms at New Tech any time to be signed off by the Registrar. 

Here is the list of Napa Valley College classes being offered on our campus:
ADMJ120 Admin Justice Mon 3:30-4:45 (Hybrid)
CFS 140 Child & Fam Services Tues 3:30-6:20
COMS100 Computers Tues 3:30-4:45    (Hybrid)
PSYC 120 General Psychology Wed/Fri 9:30-10:45 am
COUN100 College Success Time & Day Tues/Thurs 3:15-4:20
MATH 106 Pre-Calc Tues/Thurs 1:10-3:25

School Business Day is Thursday, August 7th. Its important that you attend, because you will pick up important start of the year paperwork. Bring your computers!
9th grade at 9 am
10th grade at 10 am
11th and 12th gradees at 11 am

First Day of School is Tuesday, August 12th at 8:00 am. You will get your class schedule on the first day of school.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Thank You to our Donors!

A big thank you to everyone who has contributed to our Family Giving program this year!

Family Donors
Salvador & Marina Almanza
Martin & Yolanda Alvarez
Herbert & Evangelina Arevalo
Alexsander Astafyev & Zamira Yernajarova
Roy & Sue Barush
Ellen & Aaron Beller
Lynda Bergner
James & Terra Borges
Ben & Ivania Borja
Richard & Susan Bouwer
Dan & Lesley Breitbach
David Briggs
Keith & Michelle Burhorn
Nabor & Raquel Camarena
Tammy Carson
Garry Carter & Catherine Banister
Donald Clark & Julie Nord
Brian & Diane Cline
Darin Cravea & Ellen Almeida
Christina Crowell
Michael & Maria Cunningham
Eric & Michele Dahlberg
Francis & Eileen Davin
Joe DeFur
Carolyn DeFur
Adriana De Haro
John & Penny Dinsmore
Martin & Lisa Disalvo
Tim Dolven & Mandy Masciarelli
George & Rian Dom
Lana & Thomas Dudum
Michael & Jennifer Emanuel
Anita Erhard
Alex & Maria Fernandez
Kevin & Beth Fitzgerald
Andrew Budnyj
Francisco  & Martha Garcia
Bryan & Darleen Gardner
Lisa Cort & David Goldman
Jorge & Diana Gonzalez
Jim & Cathie Gordon
Michael & Christina Gyetvan
Anthony & Tracy Hansen
Mona Lea & Steve Harrington
Jennifer & Hansi Jakoby
Don & Kathleen Haugen
Dr. Robert Heying & Christina Zoppel
Duncan House II
Donald Huddleston
Misha & Elizabeth Hudnell
Paul Sr. & Dianne Jackel
Nick & Crystele Kammerer
James & Courtenay Jory
David & Elaine Kearney
Jeffrey & Cheri Keene
Laura St. Leger-Barter
Kelly Kisabeth
James Kisiel
Martin Suarez & Miriam Ladrigan
Randi Kulstad
Jason & Jacqueline Loeks
Miguel & Rosalia Lopez
Richard & Julie Lovie
Gordon & Karen Lustig
John Mackenzie
John & Betty Mahaffey
Suzanne & Richard Meigs
Eric & Annie Mercier
Frances & Lawrence Turner
Michael & Giulietta Miller
Jeffrey & Susan Moore
Robert & Wendi Moore
Garret & Kim Murphy
John & Julie Murphy
Richard & Angela Walker
Julie Neely Callanan
Anthony & Stephanie Nichols
Timothy & Sandra O'Dea
Kimberly Lynne Yates
Bryan & Kim Owen
Elena Piazzisi
Claudia Malo
Robert & Vhea Poppe
Mark & Elizabeth Potter
Daniel & Jan Quade
Luis & Ana Rangel
Rick & Katharine Ratliff
Kevin & Dawn Rhodes
Lee Richardson & Pam Reeves
Ferlin & Aileen Ruiz
Gino & Leticia Salmeri
Suzanne de Wit
Christina Evitt
Jenna Valle
Barry & Tracy Schuler
Brett Self & Tracy Reeves
Bernard & Sheila Shaw
Adam Shawley
Brian & Samantha Shelden
Jack Shnell & Alison Cuthbert
Adam & Erin Simms
Rafael Solorio & Haide Vasquez
Deann & Stace Stanley
James & Cara Stonecipher
Andrew & Jeanne Szmidt
Oscar & Irma Toscano
Frances & Lawrence Turner
Eric Uhrenholt & Summer Mondeau
Hector Vargas
David & Maria Velasco
Robert & Margie Vigil
George & Sharon von Klan
Vanessa Waddy
Mark & Lesley Walder
Vince & Julie Waters
Ernie & Irit Weir
Chris & Hilary Wendel
Gary & Denise Wilbanks
Henry & Kim Williams
Mike & Melissa Witek
Kimberly Yates
Community Contributions
NTHS Staff
Timothy & Shanna Rodgers
Dorothy Lind-Salmon
Barbara Nemko
Florence Eaton
Peg Maddocks
Rick Jones
Chuck McMinn
Napa Valley Bike Tours
Wells Fargo
Round Pond Winery

Fiesta to Support Summer Service-Learning Trip to Nicaragua!

Please join New Tech parents, staff and community to celebrate and send off 17 students participating in New Tech's first-ever international service learning trip!  This is the group's final fundraiser before traveling to Nicaragua on June 20 to spend a week working with disadvantaged children in a school for orphans with the nonprofit Outreach360. We hope this opportunity becomes an annual event for New Tech students!

4:30pm to 6:30pm
Saturday, June 7
1571 Silver Trail, Napa
Light appetizers and beverages will be served
$30 per person or $250 for a group of 10 (cash or checks, made out to NTHS ASB with "Napa to Nicaragua" in memo, delivered to school office)

Email Beth Fitzgerald or Anne Vallerga for more details!